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I have a new 22' North River Seahawk and would like to know how other folks have set their boats up. Any kind of feedback, stories, successes, hardware added, etc.. I mainly fish in the rivers and bays in Northwest Oregon, but will be going in the ocean a few times.
My boat is a soft top.
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Diamond Lake Charlie
I will tell you this much, set you boat up to where it is comfortable for you. On my Mariner I had and on my Duckworth I have a Depth finder, Marine GPS, and a ship to shore radio. My depth finder and GPS are two different units. When you get them make sure the screens are big enough for you to see comfortably and place them where you can see them without blocking you view out of your window or your cup holder. For my ship to shore radio I have a collapsible 102 fiberglass whip antenna. I also carry two fire extinguishers, one on each side of my boat, just the way I do it. However in a fire situation you can never have to many. I also carry a spare prop and enough basic tools to fix what I need to get me home. I also have a kicker or come home engine just in case. On my back plate, battery storage area, I put some pole holders. I also mounted 4 pole holders for fishing. I have an anchor system with enough rope in case I need it and I carry another 25 to 50 foot in storage. And of course enough life jackets for everybody. That is my basic setup. I usually do not have more than 2 other fishers in my boat. once they find out you have a big boat everybody will want to go and I just do not allow it. One other thing I NEVER allow liquor of any kind on my boat period. If you cannot enjoy the day without it then you don't go. Second if you are not certified by Oregon to drive then you don't drive. One more thing for you, keep a flare gun with a few rounds, you never know when you will need them. I don't know your situation but in my case I keep my boat in my shop so it is out of the weather, after every trip to salt water I wash the hull and trailer at a car wash, first one I can find and I flush the engine for at least 30 minutes, usually at home but I carry a set of mouse ears with me so If I have a long drive I can flush them out immediately. My Duckworth is a 2012 and there are no salt pits in the hull, my engines are a 2004 n 2006 on the main and you would not know it. Change the oil as required, plugs as required and grease all moving parts that require it. .Do your maintenance and you will love your boat and it will love you. Oh ya if you can fold down that rag top when you are towing it. I could on my Mariner but cannot on my Duckworth and it makes a difference. forgot to tell you, use a fuel stabilizer.
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