North Idaho is flyfishing heaven

I got to spend a few days on the St. Joe and Coer D'alene river this week.I found that besides the "you wont catch anything this time of year"mantra from the locals,It is a fly fishing mecca! Non stop cutty action on dries and nymphs,white fish, and a few nice Bows.Amazing wildlife (deer,moose,elk,ducks)everywhere!I had three days of more than fourty miles of river,without another soul in sight. If you are planning a trip to do some fishing,I highly recommend this part of Idaho:D
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Troutier Bassier
Looks beautiful d00d, thats a cool lookin' trout on the 6th picture!
Absolutlely beautiful fish and country. Is that north of Cor D Alene or east?
So that's why they call Idaho the Gem state! Great pictures makes me want to start packing right now. I'll put that on my places to fish!
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I know! I would really love to go back after the water drops a bit, the fishing will be even better!Both rivers I fished were east of C D'A:D
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Bad Tuna
Try the Kootney, and Moyie rivers. Unbelievable trout fishing! There are even a few Gerrard trout to be caught.
amazing colors on the fish next to the fly rod. and that water looks heavenly. :clap:
Wow get pics! I bet that was fun. I fished the N.F. Clearwater a bunch but never made it up that far north.. sounds like something that will need to be done sometime.
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Awesome Beautiful.
We fished parts of ID on our way to Glacier Nat Park.
Fantastic pics bro.
Gorgeous trout! Love that strain of cutthroat - so pretty!
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