Next Saturday

I guess I will start a post for MHCC since I am a student body member and all..:D So my son (for whatever reason) has been dying to fish trout at MHCC. I think it is because he caught a bunch of fish there last year. We usually go to North Fork Res. but it is not ready quite yet. Anyway I guess I am gonna take a day away from Steelheading and watch my son (hopefully) catch his limit in trout. I know they stocked it today so hopefully I can get some pics or vid of him catching some Bows...I will be there Saturday 2/19...until then it will be hunting steel for me! If anyone has kids and feels like heading there and you see us come say hi! DB:cool:
"Atta Boy" Dad!! I still get to fish with my boys on occasion but it is not the same as when they are younger. I miss that time, so you enjoy every chance that you get cause it is too soon gone. Those steel will still be there when your son don't have time to go with you.
Yeah, I love seeing the smile on his face when he reels in a fish...better than any steel I catch that's for sure! DB.
I'm taking my kids Friday afternoon, weather permitting :) I'll let you know how the bite is
Cool..actually something came up Saturday so I was gonna do Friday instead weather permitting as well...I will be there about 7:00 or long as it isn't a blizzard..:lol:
report back! I might take my little bro to check it out.
Will do Moe! I will post some pics too! DB.
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