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I'd recommend, just a little further north up Hwy. 101. SRC's should be staging, in abundance, at the mouths of Drift Creek and Schooner. Which both feed into, the Siletz. Plus there should be some upstream, as well.

On the fly: The Borden Special; or brown leech pattern about size 6. If spinning: Hot Pink, or Brown Rooster Tails (small 1/8th ounce brown ones for now--they look like small crawdads--that those fish target, just like a protein snack ).

To the Waldport (Alsea Bay), there is another Drift Creek fillin' up with SRC's too. The Borden Special, was specifically designed for those Alsea River SRC's (which locals call Bluebacks).


Thanks Troutdude! I brought my vise and will tie some Bordens... Looking forward to hitting the creeks! Might be a real challenge on the tenkara, will build a little bit longer line.


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Pretty sure it is a special type of rod, with no reel.

But I will x2 troutdude's advice. If you hike into the mouth of the Alsea drift creek (it can be done, with a little help from Google maps), it is some of the most beautiful land/water I have fished. I posted some pics of a hike I did in there a year ago, if you can dig it up in the archives.


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Try the town holes around Siletz. I'd say go up the gorge but Weyco has it closed to fire danger. You could also try the Big Elk, tributary of the Yaquina.

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