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Moved to Troutdale this last fall for school. Purchased my first steelhead setup (have fished steelhead before but always from boat and with families gear) and wanting to get out and fish. I am wanting to bank fish either the Sandy (about 2 min from the house) or clack if that's where the fish are. Since I am new to not only this forum but the area and bank fishing I was hoping there would be a few people on here to show me the ropes. Get on the water and get a couple on land. Don't really have a preference to what type of fishing (drift, bobber etc) what ever is working is what I plan on using.
The set up I purchased is
reel: Abu Garcia-revo stx
Rod: temple fork outfitters STC 904-2

Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated


Welcome to the forum! We have tons of members who fish your area with amazing results. I posted in a thread that might help until someone chimes in with info. Check out "Urban hawg map".


Welcome to the forum and area, there's a lot of good water on the Sandy. Best advice I could give would just be to get out there and familiarize yourself with sections of the river. Learn the layout and where the fish would hold. That's something I'm still working on myself but it's much easier to learn with the help of someone who knows the river better. Looks like you're using a baitcaster reel, the only thing I know about using one of those is that I could make a pretty sweet bird's nest really fast. Good luck out there and hope you land some fish.


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Thanks for all the advice everybody. Raincatcher that map might be the best thing I have ever seen on a forum. The generosity blows me away. I have some waders just have to find them they are probably in a moving box hiding somewhere. I found out about the birds nest first practice cast :yikes: I forgot to set the magnetic brake so that was a fun mess. If anyone is heading out and wants a fishing partner let me know. Grad school is pretty crazy but every chance I get I'm going to try and get out on the water.


I not sure if I would help or hurt as I am just getting started. I live out in Welches and was planning on trying eagle creek this weekend. I have explored; the clackamas, sandy, and eagle creek to one degree or the other.

I am going to go to eagle creek Sunday if you or anyone else is interested.
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