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sometime around the father's day weekend timeframe (6/19) i am going to venture out of my little neck o' tha woods up here and fish some new areas. I have a few things in mind, but i do like the idea of being near the coast so i can take a day to go try some surf perchin or something else.

so, what i guess i need to know would be are there any little campgrounds around there? i don't plan on haulin a big RV or staying in spendy hotels on the coast, a tent is fine for me.

I will be stictly banking what is the access like and what stretches should i be targeting? I know the springers should be running up there about now, but will they still be fishable in june? what about the steelie run? Truth is, i would prefer steelhead as i have yet to catch or even fish for a steelie in a river. well, i have caught them incidentally to salmon fishing in the columbia, but that isn't what i think of when i think steelhead fishing.

My Girlfriend will be with me and she is gamey when it comes to fishing, but i do try to keep things a bit easier when she is with me.. ie: no climbing down cliffs or other precarious types of methods to access a fishing hole.

just a few pointers is really all i need...i'll do my best to figure it out from there. exploration is 90% of the fun! just figure a little local knowledge to keep from barking up the wrong tree...(or being in the wrong forrest) would make things a little more productive.

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Looks like, if i do go, i will be camping at Webb County Park/Camground.
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There is 4 or five campgrounds on the upper Nestucca. All are right on the river. Great bank acess to most of the river. Campgrounds are primitave (no hook ups) and one is basically a parking area and you have to carry gear in. Just follow the river up, if you miss them you should not be driving. About 20 min outside of Hebo (depending on how you drive). I have hunted that area and there are plenty of deer and elk to be seen if you go for a hike or drive.
You might find some good information if you search the Nestucca threads on here.

And if you don't already have a copy of "Fishing in Oregon", I HIGHLY recommended getting a copy. It is INVALUABLE!

Also...Moon Outdoors (Avalon Publishing) had a series of books out that are also VERY good. One is titled Oregon Fishing and another titled Oregon Camping.

Plus, the Hebo Ranger District can probably answer most, if not all, of your questions. 503-392-3161.

BTW...just wondering...where is Warren?
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troutdude said:
BTW...just wondering...where is Warren?

Warren is between St Helens and Scappoose on Hwy 30.
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How did the trip go? I will be heading to Oregon next week and I am hoping to hit Nestucca at some point. I will be banking it as well, but I haven't completely decided what I will be fishing with.
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