Need new pair of sun glasses - recommendations?

I need a new pair of sun glasses.:cool: My cheap-o-ones broke a few months back and trying to fish without polarized sun glasses is driving me crazy!!! :mad::mad::mad:

I am looking to get a good pair. I don't need some crazy expensive ones but I don't want to go with some cheap-o-ones again. I have three small kids that like to get their hands on daddy's stuff sometimes.

Any suggestions on which I should check out, what has worked for you, and price ranges? Thanks!!

I bought my Maui Jim's in 2000. I have only had to pay for the shipping to Maui to get em fixed - never for the service, e.g. new lenses, and nose piece one time. When I was working there, I drove to the headquarters and they swapped out the lenses right there. I need new lenses again, and am having a hard time parting with them - I don't go outside with out them from dawn to dusk.

To keep it short, I spent 260 for em and still wear em today. As long as you can keep track of them you'll always have the glasses taken care of by Maui Jim, whatever style you get.

Don't go cheap, you only have one set of eyes...
Im one of those people who refuse to pay big bucks for sunglasses..I sight fish for Bass and steelhead and use the $14.99 pair Cabelas brand...ive yet to be proven wrong that these are just as good for sight fishing as a $200 pair...kinda bizzar huh since i have no problem handing out $25 for a lure that doest catch any more fish than a worm lol
I have a fishin buddy that just gets cheapies - refuses to get a quality pair. He's spent more on shades in the past three years than I have in 11... But he does have new shades every few trips!
At my stage of sight I need the Polarized lenses with the magnifiers built in. I need to get some soon because I can't see to tie on a fly anymore without some readers. We should all be wearing good quality glasses that protect our eyes from both UVA & UVB rays. My cataracts were the direct result of no sunglasses.
Smith/ Action Optics has some nice stuff, and some of its reasonably priced too. If you buy cheap glasses you will lose them every so often. If you buy a set of $200 glass and you loose them it hurts, but your more likely to keep track of them. If you buy an 80- 130 pair you will probably keep track of them, and if you loose them it could still sting just not as bad.
I use one par of cheap ones i pay $12 at Wholesale sports and so far i still using them after 10 months. But one of the arms or temple broke off so i just broke off the other one and got a string for glasses at 711 for $2 and put it on the glasses hinges!!! so far it worked the only problem is a pain to put it on with one hand but i just put it on and the beggining of the day and dont take it off until im done fishing!!! IMG_1920.jpg
Genius Waco... I like it.
I bought these polarized glasses a little over a year ago at walgreens. They're solar shield brand and I think I paid $15-$20 for them. They're pretty sturdy glasses and have done just fine for me so far. Just in case I ever do lose these I did buy a pair of Berkley brand glasses for like $3 bucks from wally world, and those ones are pretty cheaply made, but luckily I haven't needed them yet .
been an oakley fanatic for years love them to death for everything cheap shades give me headaches and strain my eyes, oakleys I wear all day everyday simply the best customer service on the plannet I have broke many pairs send em in they send em back all fixed up my second choice would be wiley x I wear their safety glasses at work cause i like the trasition lens in them still have not tried their fishing shades but might be looking into it soon
For $120 I got a pair of Natives with:

  • 1 set of polarized lenses (lifetime warranty)
  • 1 set a amber tinted lenses (lifetime warranty)
  • 1 set of normal earpieces
  • 1 set of earpieces with retaining strap attached
  • 1 soft shell bag/cleaning cloth
  • 1 zippered hardshell case with slots for the glasses, both sets of lenses, the earpieces and bag.
They are also the most efficient polarized glasses I have found. GREAT deal.
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