N. Umpqua

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one of 4 from last Sunday in high cold water. Not a huge fish but definitely over 10#...
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Very cool! thanks for posting!
3 of the 4 were caught drifting pink worms, the other was on stinky yarn...I also got a really nice native rainbow 16"-18". First one I've ever gotten up there...
nice fish :clap:
Mad dog
Nice! :clap:

We fished saturday when the water was on it's way up....came up 1,000 cfs while we fished! It looked better sunday, I wish I could have fished sunday but my folks came down from Eugene and I was made to go wine tasting! :rolleyes:
Not a huge fish but definitily a nice one!!! congrats!!!
Nice fish!
NOYCE! I sneeze not, at a fish that pretty!
hope to have more pics tomorrow....
Hit the river again this morning and had no trouble getting into the fish....First cast was a real nice buck in the 14# range.....Then the wheels kind of came off for me, I hooked 4 more fish that flat tore me up...I ended the day 1-5....One of my buddies went 3-8 and mosd was 1-1...
Hope mosd will post the pics we were able to get....we were far enough apart most of the day that getting the fish unhooked and swimming was far more important than pictures...We were able to get a pic or 2 of a couple though.
sounds like a good day
More photos
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