My simple carp rig

I've talked about this rig before, but I finally got around to getting a couple pics of it.

Please note, the items used in these photos were used solely for their high-vis purpose. These are not what I'd actually fish with.

I use bronze or red hooks, and low visibility 4lb line. Only high-vis item is the corkie. I like this pattern, or the chartreuse and orange ones best.





Super simple. Slide the corkie on the line. Peg it 4' or higher up. Tie on your octopus hook. Palomar or Improved Clinch works fine - and I like those knots better than the egg loop type for this style of fishing. Name of the game is simplicity and keeping things small.

Then just bait up your hook and lob it out where the fish are. Watch the corkie - if it bobs, or starts moving, set the hook. Fish on!
Oh stop encouraging! jk:D
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OnTheFly said:
Oh stop encouraging! jk:D

Neva! mwahahahahahahahahahhaha!

Just think of the gentle carp as giant large scaled golden trouts ;) One of my goals for this year - is to be like one of my heros (John Montana) and get one of these fish on a fly. I've caught them with a fly rod, even using a fly reel and line - but I was cheating, and tossing a "Bread fly" - the egg hook w/ bread ball, no indicator (that's what the end of the line is for, right?) - first time I had a fish take more than 50' of backing - that big ol' carp took about 200 feet of backing before I got it turned. Heh, 5 weight rod and 4lb tippet, didn't want to put the brakes on too hard...

I just sold my 10 weight rod, and this summer I'm going to look at replacing it with a more reasonable 6 or 7 weight. That 10 wasn't much fun to cast, and I'm pretty sure I could've flung a stocker trout on it without noticing it, or rather, a stocker trout might've helped load that rod a bit better :) I might even "cheat" a little, and toss small jig-flies for carp with a spinning rod, to see how that works...
Hey uncle mark we should go carp fishing again i have unfinished buisiness about not catching one last time we went last summer. when do carp become active all year or spring and summer? PS Gunga the jungle boy. LOL
They should start getting more active soon - we just need some warmer weather. We probably could catch some right now - as the weather and water temps aren't a lot different now than they are in late october/early november - and I've caught fish then. Peak months seem to be April through October. We might be able to sneak away Thursday afternoon for a little while - if we hit up Bethany or Commonwealth, or maybe the little pond down near Murray & Scholls Ferry. We can give my new Okuma's a good workout with those fishies... got to clear it with the pregnant lady though. If not then - sometime after the kiddo is born for sure.
Awsome what time would we go out on thursday. i Have early release thursday i get out around 1:30.
john montana
I would go with a 7 wt if you are looking for a new fly rod. Good for summer steelhead and works for the carp around here...a little under gunned for the really big fish but your average 7-10 lber is perfect for a 7 wt.

I am dying for a warming trend!
very cool, i use a indicator style rig like this for trout when im using beads. or for panfish n stuff with worms.
youngfishtyler said:
Awsome what time would we go out on thursday. i Have early release thursday i get out around 1:30.

I'll have to figure that out tomorrow. Maybe right after you get out - unless Kay has the kid :) We'll see, eh?
Alrighty. text me if you are able to go or not.
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