My Paulina Lake report

First off this is a copy of what I just posted on the central Oregon side , but I figured my valley folk might be interested as well.

Hey everyone , I literally just walked in the door . Home from Paulina Lake.

So here is my report , we started Friday evening around 6pm out by the slide bottom fishing with powerbait landed 2 rainbows of no particular size the bigger of the 2 was maybe 14".

Then around 8pm we started what we had set out to do , hunt the Browns we worked the point and the cove ( some people call the bay ) about 2 minutes in we hooked our first brown , we had 5 people in the boat 1 driver and 4 Rapala throwers. We worked the shoreline up until almost dark , boating about 12 browns and 1 rainbow. We kept 9 that night tossing anything under 15" back the 2 big ones that night was a 19" brown and a 19" rainbow .

( Also that night just east of the point a little ways is a hot springs in the water that is blocked off with logs. Well one of my casts sailed a little bit landing in the hot springs almost taking out a lady relaxing in it . She was kind enough to throw it back in the water for me ... If you are her and reading this I would like to take this time to apologize.)

Saturday night we decided not to bottom fish and just hit shallows by 7. We had our first hook-up after the 3rd cast and managed to boat another 8 or 9 browns keeping just 4 of them. The big brown of this night was 21". Both nights we missed probably 15 browns a couple jumped and shook the hook and a few others just swam toward the boat and spit the hook.

The funny part of the trip Friday night there were several boats out there fishing for kokanee with no luck , while we drifted by hooking up left and right. Saturday night the same thing except one boat yells over to us , what are you using we yelled back Rapalas , they picked up anchor and appeared to hit the point . We then floated by our camp neighbors and they were sitting there jigging with no luck and asked if we had any bites , I said we have landed 6 right when he said we haven't even had a bite , we hooked into another brown.

All in all it was a great trip . If anyone wants any more specific information feel free to message me . I will be happy to help ya out for this lake

Nice report. Rapalas are fun to fish. I use them off jetties, now I need to try for browns it looks like.
Great report and nice fish! I have only fished East Lake and wondering why Paulina doesn't have the same restrictions as it's neighbor. Bummer too because East Lake has some huge browns in it also but 16" is maximum catch. :confused: Seems like Paulina is the place to be if you want to keep the fatties.
We missed one that was well over 20" and had a couple followers that were in the mid 20s range that left Chase right at the boat . Then we saw one in the flats that looked like a salmon. I have no idea how big it was can only assume it was a double digit lber but we couldn't interest it. possibly it saw the boat and was on to us.
you forgot to tell these nice people about the 2 humans, 1 boat and 1 prop that were also caught, lmao....a lot of lines bein thrown in a small space
Jesse said:
you forgot to tell these nice people about the 2 humans, 1 boat and 1 prop that were also caught, lmao....a lot of lines bein thrown in a small space

get a bigger boat?
What kind of Rapalas were you using? Size, jointed, float, sink, color? Thanks for the info!
We were using original floater in size 11 , the best colors for us were Brown and rainbow. If you make it over I would be interested in how you did. Next time I am taking 13s and some jointed as well.

Hope this helps and good luck

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