Mouth of Herman creek

so herman creek seems to be closed from the rr bridge down to the mouth but my question is this... what do they consider the mouth? can you fish the little cove and the bar there or do you have to go out to where it actually meets the columbia? i want to take the toon there tomorrow but i dont want to drive all that way to have the fishery closed... thanks to all who reply.
Hmmm... I was just thinking of heading up there next week. I would like to know as well. Didn't know it was closed..?
Herman Creek upstream to mainline
railroad bridge (Hood River Co.)
• Open for Chinook, adipose fin-clipped coho salmon, and adipose fin-clipped steelhead
consistent with regulations for the Columbia River from Bonneville Dam upstream to
Oregon/Washington border; except closed Aug. 16-Nov. 30;[/COLOR]
• The area west of the peninsula up to the Lower Herman Creek Pond structure is closed
to all anglers except that fishing is authorized the entire year for those individuals who
possess one of the following ODFW issued licenses: Blind Angler License; Wheelchair
Angling License; Disabled War Veteran Angling License, or Oregon Disabilities Hunting
and Fishing Permit. A person may assist a holder of one of the above permits in angling
in this area provided that conditions of the permit (see page 5) are followed.
• An Oregon license and tag are required when angling in an area defined by a line
running from the northwest corner of the jetty due south to a marker on the south shore
and east into the lagoon.
• See Central Zone (page 62) for the area upstream from the mainline railroad bridge
Dayuumm. Looks like Ima have to take the boat out a bit farther than what I thought.
Thanks here2fish!
I stopped by there Sunday afternoon on my way east and it was sooo crowded. Probly 30+ waders and 10 boats. Ive fished there for a while now and it was about as busy as Ive ever seen it. I mean rafts, little kids, even a girl in a bikini standing out in the line of fishermen reading a book. But to answer your question you can fish the cove only the creek it self is for handicaped only. If your takeing a boat its the best bet. And keep your distance from the bankers,its only polite. Might see you out there, I have a small blue and gray boat.
how is the fishing on herman creek above the rr bridge


THE JEFF said:
But to answer your question you can fish the cove only the creek it self is for handicaped only.

My dads handi, even has a power chair for roadtrips (no pushing). I have never been to Herman, but have been told it has handicap access. A friend of ours offered to take us up there, then he moved away. Im sure I could convince him to go fishing (like offering a kid a toy). I dont really need, or want, to take advantage of the handi excuse to get a fish, but I would love for him to get one.
thanks jeff thats what i thought... was fumbled up on the wording of the regs and couldnt get a clear answer (not even from the odfw):rolleyes: so i bagged on going since i couldnt afford a trip to the locks for nothin and now i'm wishing i'd have just gone... oh well maybe next week if i can scrape the gas together. if anybody is unemployed like me and wants to meet in troutdale and kick some gas money pm me and i'll try to put something together... next week early hopefully mon,tue?
Herman does have handicaped acess it even has a fishing dock for the handicaped. You have to acess it through the hatchery.If your coming from the Portland area take the Cascade locks exit and head east till you get to the old gas station(I belive its closed now) and take the road to the left. Continue on that road past the K.O.A. camp ground and the Hatchery is on the left. The drive way is small and easy to miss. Good luck and I hope your dad gets some fish.
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