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i met a guy from this forum today at 4 pm at clackamas he fished for sometime but he was so tired of the heat so he left i stay a little longer and after losing two spoons i decide to left and go find a better spot. so i set my rod for some bubber fishing and after couple of hours of nothing i was hopeless but i didn't give up so i cast one more time i saw my bubber making a weird move i set the hook and bam fish on!!!:dance: si fighted it for some good 4 minutes and landed a big chinook this is my biggest fish now a nice 28.5 incher!!!
nice fish but your dog didn't like it!

i have a little dog too

your also starting to make me look bad you got 3 and i have not even got one ! i gotta hit the river lol
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Left Bank
Now that is a nice fish!!! Let us know how it tastes.
Nice job!! What'd ya have under the bobber?
Don't let your dog lick it or eat any part of it. Even licking the eggs can kill them!
Nice fish! But be careful with the dog. My dog has licked fish, fish blood(lots of it), had a trout head in her mouth last camping trip, and drank some nasty fishy water out of the boat. I always watch her and the first time she shows any signs of weakness, fatigue, dehydration, or anything unusual it is straight to the vet. It doesn't take long for your dog to get sick and if you don't notice it right away it will be fatal so be carefull. and who was the other guy you seen out?
Nice Job and beautiful fish.
i didn't know about dogs getting sick because licking fish. one time my friend and i were fishing for trout we were having fun fishing and then i notice his dog already eating the head of a trout i never heard of his dog getting sick!!!!!
i meet dan88
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