Mid Columbia sturgeon?

just out of curiosity, does anybody know if i there are sturgeon to be caught between 122 and 158? if so, what bait would i use? i hear earthworm clusters w/ scent do well. any info would be great.
fish right around 157th i believe theres a concrete pull out off the bike path and two pipes going out into the river fish straight out from the pipes cast as far as you can with a full crawler ive caught some sturge there b-4
thanks! do you think i would even get one in this cold weather, or will they still bite?
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thanks! thats actually the exact spot ( one of my main spots) that i fish consistently! also, will the sturgeon even be biting in the cold, or are they unnafected?
The bite is less aggressive in cold water temps so I use lighter gear. The fish still eat it is just a little more difficult to know when to set the hook.
i just got done making what i hope will be a good sturgeon bait. it consists of the following; small yellow perch in jars, a blended mash of 'gill carcasses, old powerbait ,about a tbl spoon of shrimp&nightcrawler smelly jelly and pickle juice poured over them, then sealed. my question is: would this work , since this would have tons of natural bait, creating a scent trail, or would nightcrawlers w/ smelly jelly work? i plan to fish with both over winter break.
me and my couisin got 2 keepers last weekend fishing off his sailboat at a Hayden Island marina! very light gear ( steelhead rods ) 12# test- small barbless hooks..

sand shrimp did the trick...................less that 1 oz weight....
wow, thats good to hear!
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