Merwin was on fire on Sunday, December 5th!

I hit Merwin on Sunday, December 5th and the bite was on fire. I had 10 kokanee and 1 small rainbow trout (a Merwin first for me) in less than 3 hours of fishing. It took me about 1/2 hour to land my first fish (after numerous drive-bys) but then the action was insane. I hooked up doubles 3 times and even landed one of the doubles. The other two times I lost the first fish and landed the second. I think I was just rushing that first fish in those cases.

It was not just me either. Everyone I spoke with had limited and had experienced a similar crazy good bite.

For the record I was flatlining 90' back, 1/8oz weight (just to prevent line twist), Arrow flasher, small spinner harness baited with tuna soaked corn. Basically what every kokanee book tells you what to do in Chapter 1. I was mostly trolling 1.2 to 1.3mph but I also had bites at points where I had sped up or slowed down. It was just one of those magical days where you just can't keep them off your hooks.

I think I am ruined for kokanee fishing for life :)

Here is a video of the day:

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I've always wanted to fish Merwin. With I was closer.

Sounds like a great day. How big were the kokanee?
I measured one and it was 11.5". They were all pretty identical, which is not surprising.

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