Memorial Day Fish-a-thon!!!

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to skip the usual Wilson River camping trip and head east, far east! We will be leaving early Friday morning and plan on stopping and fishing a lake within 50 miles or so of Bend. So if any of you are going to be in this area and want to meet up and fish let me know. Saturday morning we will be packing up and heading further east over to Burns and then south to Frenchglen for some site seeing and fishing at Krumbo. If anyone is gonna be in the Burns area Saturday and wants to fish let me know. Sunday morning we are going to putt around the Harney Lake area and then head over to Juntura and probably over to Baker so if anyone is around Sunday evening and wants to show me some fishing spots, let me know. Monday morning we will fish a bit and then pack it up and head home on I84 so we're doing a loop. My better half hasn't seen a good part of Oregon and this will be a great chance to knock out a big chunk.

Also if any of you know any cool sites to see in any of these areas let me know. She's really into rock formations, petroglyphs, ghost towns, etc. Should have lots and lots of good pics. I'm going to try and at least catch 5 species of fish.
well there is the old santiam pass hwy but doubt its open. they have the spot with all the cutout views of all the mountians. Are there any fish in fish lake? I have stopped a few times and wetted a line without even a bit. cool lake how it fills and recedes which also makes me think fishing is poor. if the old pass is open there is a little lake called scott lake that looked cool but didn't have a rod when i stopped.
santiam pass is open,,,we took it yesterday,,,great views and excellent drive....if she likes rock formations definitely check out smith rock state rock,,,you wont regret it.its 9 miles northeast of redmond
Left Bank
It may be out of your way but I and many others have really enjoyed seeing "Crack In The Ground" outside of Christmas Valley. It may be out of your way but it is worth seeing at least once. Google it or follow the link for a news article. This place is amazing especially in the dead of summer. When it's boiling outside this is nice and cool.
If you two are in to exploring the unknown,try the numerous caves around the Bend area. I used to take Autofisher and his sister down into the caves in the summer with their cousins & aunt. One even had snow around the entrance in July! Very cool!
Those caves are also a nice way to cool down, if it's a hot day!
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