mcIver park fishing for steelhead and coho

Anyone fished mcIver park for steelhead and coho? I've been there once, didn't have any luck, but there were like 10 other people there so I don't know if I was in the right spot. Where there is the best spot and what do u use for bait?
Go with small OFFerings and darker colors. Bobber and jigs work ok in the pool where Dog creek flows in. I've been doing decent with #14 corkies in glitter cerise or disco ball (black glitter) with that new tinsle glo bug yarn drk pink. I've been using that krill/ anise scent as well.

Should point out that I blanked on monday. Although I did get to test the new rod.
the black with large glitter has been called micheal jackson for years. the small glitter is called liberache.
Both the flats by the lower boat ramp, and the dog creek hole are the main places people go. if you have 20 people trying to snag fish around you, then you are in the dog creek hole.

corkies, nymphs, yarn, shrimp, eggs, spinners, jigs.

do some reading in the steelhead area of this forum every question you have asked has been covered at one time or another.
How is McIver Park looking these days? I have taken a two-month hiatus from this spot, and am feeling the call back. What's the water looking like these days? What are you seeing in the water? I'm hearing reports of overcrowding by gear fisherman. What equipment is working for you?
Bad coho return so far, but there are some dark springers (not edible any longer), and some dark summer steelhead that have been biting well.

I would personally fish somewhere like barton ( anywhere you can get to mid river, but downstream of EC) so that you have the largest chance of catching coho as possible. They are simply the best table fare in the river currently.

The Summer steelhead have been in the river for months, and unlike the salmon are still digesting and "living" rather than being on a mission to spawn before deteriorating. Since the steelhead are in "trout" mode, they will eat anything that looks loke food or catches their interest. With this rain, an unpressured/harrassed steelhead will jump on a nightcrawler like you wouldnt believe.

I noticed you mentioning gear fishermen as a seperation point. If you are fly fishing, black, brown, dark red and buggy for steelhead is where I would start- and ugly and pink, green, red, for the coho.

I like to "cheat" with a fly rod, and swing dick nites. Cheating to the purists, but works pretty well for me.
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Just a heads up. I am new to the threads and forums but will be getting out a lot this year for fishing. Just wanted to let everyone know that my brother and I fished McIver Park (3/16 and 3/18) from about 8-noon. The "hole" was packed both days so we didn't get a lot of casts out. On Sunday we saw 10 steelies pulled out and today we only saw 1. Don't know why Tuesday was so much worse but the take was definitely down. Hope this helps.
Yup, that's how it is up there. Can be good one day then it dies down the next.. Clack isn't getting a good return this year.

I hear the Sandy has a few to catch if combat fishing isn't your thing.
there is plenty of water at McIver at other locations. I catch a ton of fish in that park... explore now that water level is dropped a bit... sandy is a good choice also
I was passing by mciver park yesterday and the water was steelhead green. So I was wondering if anyone has any luck up there? I'm still waiting to catch my first hatchery winter steelhead so I need to decide whether to fish mouth of eagle creek or mc iver on dog creek i believe. What place would be best to fish this week? Still a noobie need help.
Save Mciver for Feb/March...
Was there today. I got there just after a 12 pounder was brought in at the mud hole. Water is perfect. McIver was a little crowded for me so I headed back down to Carver and fished the bank there at clear creek. A little slow from the bank today but it was so nice to get out fishing again this weekend. It had been too long. No steel for me today and I'm okay with that. I fished beads, jigs, yarn, and pink worms trying, and couldn't make it happen. I was told pink was the color of the day by many I talked to. Water is clearing up fast and will probably need to go with smaller presentation next weekend. I will be going back soon for sure!!! No pics today, sorry. I am such an idiot.....


Found out around 2:00 PM yesterday I had the evening off, so I headed out to McIver. Only had about 90 min of daylight by the time I hit the water, but I managed to land a nice 8 pound hatchery hen. They're in there.
Yes get out there, we do good this time of year. Friend got a 10 pounder this morning.
Okay thanks for the advice. Also Do you guys fish near the creek that leads to hatchery or lower? Also what is a good setup . I like to use blue fox spinners but I also have some leftover salmon eggs.
I was thinking of breaking out the fly rod to try for steelhead at Mc Iver. Haven't tried it there before and was wondering if there are any nice spots to fish.
I'm no fly fisherman, but I have seen them wading above and below the lower boat ramp last fall. Watch the water levels and flow carefully and consider bringing a wading staff to probe for depth, maybe consider a PFD in case you take a fall. Wear a wading belt.
Well, I've got a life jacket which is the last thing left from when I bought a pontoon boat. I've got hip waders so I wouldn't try to go very deep but thanks a bunch for the heads up. I'll be a lot more cautious when I'm out there.
Skipped out on going to Mc Iver, went to Oxbow instead but I don't think it mattered. Today's fishing story is all about how to get wind knots like crazy. I need more practice.
Kage said:
Skipped out on going to Mc Iver, went to Oxbow instead but I don't think it mattered. Today's fishing story is all about how to get wind knots like crazy. I need more practice.

LOL, you and me both.

But I don't know any spots at McIver at this gauge height that are easily approached with a fly. But come summer/fall...oh yeah, there are some spots for sure. I've caught about half of my fly-nabbed steelhead at McIver.
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