Low water and pontoon boats


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With low water on the rivers and less traffic from drift boats and summer floaters, fishing and solitude have been pretty solid. I strictly swing this time of the year with spey rods for both steelhead and trout. (Steelhead year round 100% spey) A buddy of mine and I did a float with the rain last Saturday and was a good day. Hooked up with a dozen or so trout and three steelhead, one which I lost trying to tail it by myself. All were caught in different types of water, deep hole, cut bank, fast shallow....they are just spread out. They're still here if you cover water.


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Thanks, been really busy fishing a lot this year. My new buddy is a fly fishing pro photographer and helping him trying to get some great shots for work since he moved from Colorado here. He's a great fly fisher and good guy and Stewart for it area