Lost Lake accessible?

ETA: Lost Lake in the Coast Range

Anyone been up to the lake recently? I am really getting the itch to do some fishing, but am not setup for steelhead or salmon yet so hoping to go pull some trout, but I do not want to make the trip just to find it snowed in or something. I will either be taking my 2-wheel drive truck or parking the truck down below and riding my dual-sport bike up the hill.

I am hoping to get up there on Saturday.

Anyone have some idea of what the weather may be like up there? My Son has started to take more of an interest in fishing but don't want to burn him out on it if it is going to be miserable. I have fished in about every weather you can imagine, but it took some time for the fishing bug to bite me before I was willing to endure things like snow being blown sideways or pouring down rain.

Thanks all.
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which lost lake?
Edited. Sorry, I am referring to the coast Range near the Nehalem. I would not even bother trying to get to the one in the Cascades right now. I have never fished it, but have tried to get to Timothy early in the year more than once and have learned that lesson.

I was up there shed hunting last week, I came in the front way from 26.. but good tires and you should be ok, not to be preachy but halloween to easter all oregon mountain roads are chain country and you should have them with you, and a shovel and I even have a vhf hand held and some flares.... its funny how many sportsmen take a handgun fishing.. but leave their chains at home, anyway take that dual sport, then at least you can rally around if the fishing sucks.. but it doesn't, just a little slow.
Noahk was up there last week and parked 1/2 mile away due to snow, and didn't catch anything. All I know. Maybe shoot him a PM.
yeah i tried to get up there last thursday and almost made it. i had never been up there before and i have brand new tires that have the best snow rating had it in 4x4 for awhile and had to go into 4low and was driving sideways sliding and on that tiny logging road i did not want to risk it, no phone sercvice or radio equals a very long walk for help. a tacoma came up behind me at the spot i couldnt get through and said we were really close but they turned arround too but that dual sport should tear up there i would think good luck man it sure was pretty last week!
I would give it another week or two with warmer weather. The road clears OK where the sun hits it but the shade and drift can make it difficult. I was up near there on Saturday and there was snow 8-10 inches deep in places and even 4X4 on the Tacoma didn't help in the slop. I agree with HHM, make sure you have the tools to dig out with or be prepared to pay a heffty tow fee to get pulled out.

The second thing is; has it been warm enough for the Ice to melt OFF the lake?
From what I hear the ice is only on the south end at this point. I will come equipped to dig myself out if needed but I think at this point the safest bet is to park the truck at the bottom of the hill and take the bike up to the lake. It is a lot easier to get a bike unstuck when I am alone ;) I have found a couple of spots on that road where I can get a cell phone signal so worst case I have to backtrack a mile or two to make a call. I will have people watching for my return and ready to send the cavalry if it comes to that.

Hopefully I will be able to come back with a decent report for you guys. Thanks all!
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