Looking to buy inline spinner makings

anyone have experience with pen-tac supplies It seems as they are some good high quality components just my thoughts. Any feedback would be good
I'd suggest taking a look at what Don Greene OFFers at Fisherman Shack in Airlie (between Monmouth and Corvallis). Here is his sit.

BTW, I've purchased spinner components from Don for close to 30 years. LiLSalmon has purchased from Don too. And I think Anatoliy, Graphite Zen, Brandon and other OFFers have too. Don is as honest and fair as they come. He'll treat you right and has good components, solid advice, and great stories!

Fisherman's Shack
Fisherman's Corner in Philomath Or. Great prices and customer service.

Oh yeah. Forgot about that shop. Thanks Chuck.
If you are looking for the best quality silver or black oxide spinner and spoon components Pen-Tec is the best that I have ever used. Their finishes are better than anyone's.

I have been making my own spinners and spoons for over 10 years and when I want silver plate or black oxide Pen-tec is all I use.

If you are into fishing for steelhead with spoons there is something about the bends in these spoons that work better. They just plain out-fish anything else I have ever used.
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