Looking for a good backpacking and fishing spot

Just joined the forum and I like what I'm seeing :). Anyways, I'm looking to take my Dad on a backpacking and fishing trip. We haven't done either in years and never backpacked in Oregon. A 2 - 4 day trip, trying to stay under a 20 mile hike filled with large mouth bass and fresh clean water, within 200 miles from Salem. Any suggestions?
well, backpacking and largemouth usually arent in the same circumstance, if you want to do some wilderness hiking/camping there are all kinds of choices, the only thing that might hinder your progress would be the snow line.

one of my favorites is the three sisters wilderness section of the pacific crest trail.

it is roughly a 40 miler that can be accomplished in 4 days easy, I have done it in 17 hours at once.

there are at least a dozen high mountain lakes along the way. they are all teeming with trout and campsites at almost all of the lakes.
I can't really think of backpack trails that provide largemouth bass opportunities. Much of Takenitch Lake is inaccessible except by boat, but I suppose you could pack around it on the forest roads. You could maybe try packing from one Willamette Valley pond to another, but it's hardly a wilderness adventure.

Really, though, I'd opt for the high mountain lakes above Bend like PolkCounty said. Lots of short loops connecting nice lakes with good trout fishing and arranging a 1-20 mile hike of 0-10 days is no problem.
Try canoeing the Willamette River water trail if you want bass.
susqwahanna said:
Try canoeing the Willamette River water trail if you want bass.


May not meet the criteria of "fresh clean water"? See page 18 of the ODFW Fishing Regulations where it says:

Willamette River and Coast Fork Willamette to Cottage Grove Reservoir
High Mercury levels and PCBs, dioxins & pesticides

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