Looking for a fishing buddy or deck hand.


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Looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of boat salmon fishing who would like to go with me out of Scappoose Bay this year and spring 2021.

I am currently a 1 man show and have a hard time finding people who actually show up to fish. If you know how to bait lines and run a reel, lets talk.

I have a 18 foot north river bayhawk and I go out of scapoose Bay annually. The boat has room for up to 4, but easier with 3 or 2. But as a 1 man show, running it, baiting lines, launching the boat, landing the boat, and netting fish become a serious challenge.

Prefer someone close to st. Helens or scapoose area as I sometimes hear the bite is on and I go the following day or weekend.

This would be for multiple trips and I am not a guide. If you're just looking for one time trip out, try one of the awesome guides that go from Scapoose Bay. I can give you some good names.

This is for someone who can bait lines, reel in and check them, handle the anchor on occasion, help with small on the water maintenance issues, and help launch and trailer the boat. You must also have a fishing license and salmon tag to run 2 poles in the water.

Please no smoking, no booze, no weed. I have stories that don't end well when folks have used these things on the boat.

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