Log pond in Philomath?

Anyone ever get into that pond off of Clemens Road in Philomath? It's tempted me for years and it looks like awesome bass water. I checked street view on google maps (bless them) and there is and ominous sign. Anyone have experience?


There are several ponds, back by the old mill, and near the newer road. But I don't know, if they are private or not. You could try calling Kelly--who runs the Clemens Foundation--and ask permission (or find out who else, you may need to ask).
I'm actually headed over to Albany for job training. Leavin my place here in a bit to head over and do some bass fishing there before I have to go in!


Hey, thanks Troutdude! I may do that! I'll be reporting if anything turns up:thumb:
Please do. I'd love to know, if we can get permission!

I grew up with Kelly, and his brothers. So if he says no to you, let me know. He may allow me to gain permission; because he knows me.


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The pond is owned by the Philomath Scout Lodge Foundation. there is no fishing in the pond due to an endangered species of turtle.