Lingcod Tikka Masala

with a 7:45pm kick-off in Corvallis Saturday, I had time to cook up something fun- Halibut Tikka Masala. I did however make a gameday substitution to fresh lingcod, using a 20oz fillet from the 'beauty' that I caught Friday


I used to make this dish all the time with chicken quarters in AZ, a real flavor explosion of ginger, garlic, cilantro, spices and just a little heat...

I cut the almost 2" thick fillet into little blocks and marinated it for about 6 hours in the fridge...


you can cook the marinated meat on skewers or in a baking dish, or even in a skillet on the range, goal is to just get some color on it and lose the excess marinate...the Tikka Masala sauce is easy to make, a bit of food processor work and simmering...add some fresh veggies, rice and puppodums plus my 3 favorite dips- ginger/mango chutney, hot mixed pickle, and mint-cilantro a Kramer Vineyards MT...


just enough time to clean up the kitchen and settle in for kick-off, sure hope it's an exciting game...cheers, roger
That looks awesome, Roger!
Damn!Looks killer.I have only made it with chicken Its lots of work but well worth it
Wow dude; livin' high on the! Better leave those pics, at home though. Wouldn't want the cod to run for cover, the next time they see you. :D
Think Cevice !
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