lilsalmon is in Montana

Sadly, I have found myself in Montana. The sad part is that I drove my brother home to spend his last days here. Even though it is a somber trip there is no way that I can leave Montana without tossing some flies. i am in Arlee and the Clark Fork is close, very close. Anyone have any advice for this area by chance. Thanks for any help. thats after I see how much a one day license is....
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Sorry to hear about your brother!!! :( That is sad news....hopefully a river can bring you a little comfort!
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noot good :( i'm sorry to hear that!! hope you find somewhere to fish!
So sorry to hear that sort of news Rose. My thoughts and prayers and with you and your family.

Hopefully, you'll be able to get into some fish while you're there. The Clark Fork is infamous & legendary!

How do I get my Montana non-resident fishing license?

We recommend purchasing your license online through Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks at least two weeks prior to your trip to allow time for your license to arrive in the mail. If you prefer, your license may also be purchased when you arrive in Montana. Check out our "What to Bring" section for more information on fishing licenses. You will also need a special catch card if you intend to fish for bull trout. We're happy to answer any questions about licensing and how to obtain the proper licenses.

How much does a non-resident fishing license cost?

For 2011, a non-resident fishing license is $10.00 for the conservation license, plus $15.00 for two consecutive days, $43.50 for 10 consecutive days, or $60.00 for the season. No licenses are required for ages 1 - 11 (with some limitations). Anglers ages 12 - 14 or over 62 will need the conservation license only.
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Oh Rose. I'm so sorry you are back in Montana for such a sad reason. I hope you know you and all your family are in my prayers. I know it is a very difficult time for all of you. Call me any time,day or night. God Bless. :pray:
Rose I am sorry, I remember he went in for surgery but terrible to hear such sad news. Its good that you drove him there, that is a great thing. When you get back and want to hit the water, let me know, I'll drop everything.
Dave informed Carrie and I why you couldn't come to Gold Lake with us. Both of us send our condolences to you and your family. Glad to hear you will be fishing. There is no better way to ease the mind than flyfishing.
Thanks everyone. My brother has fulfilled his wish but it has come with a lot of sadness and stress for myself and my mom. So, tomorrow my mom is going to get a good book and I am going to get my 2 day license.....My plan is to fish the Tobacco River (I am now in Eureka instead of Arlee. I am up by the Canadian border and it is so beautiful up here), which is right here in Eureka. I am going scouting for some more small creeks and then on the way out of town will hit the Kootenai. I have the reg book here in the room with me and will be studying it in about 20 minutes....hehe. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and for caring. I made a couple more good memories with my brother on the way here Ever heard of Taco John's? Apple Grande....thats all I can say...yum. We shared one today in the shade in my car. Well, off to the reg book and will let you know how I do.
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I haven't had the honor of meeting you, but I feel like I know you. I wish I had a little sister like you. Good fishing, and travel safely home.
hang in there rose,,at least gary has the comforts of being in a gorgeous state for his last days,,i wish i was there with you...take care and catch some big montana trout for me
Sister Rose, i am so very sorry to hear your beloved brother is ill. I'm praying for him high here on the mountain.

God Bless Bro, You & your loved ones.

Drive Safely...
Thanks again everyone. That was the hardest thing for my mom and me to do....leaving my brother there. It is a sad story and I just hope his daughter does right for him and doesn't let him suffer too much. There was not much more we could do. I will remember him and our most recent memories as I probably won't see him again.

I did get to wet my fly in Montana. I fished the Tobacco and Kootenai. What beautiful water and mountains.....didn't want to come home and there was no bus for my mom to take (she also refused my offer of a piece of cardboard) hehe. JK. We are trying to be positive and laugh and know we did our best.

BTW, I didn't catch any fishes......and DB....I make a great little sister :D

I have a few pics but as you can see by the time I have yet to go to bed after the long drive from Eureka....will post later today....
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