last minute offer, open seat manana, Depoe Bay

Fish Fight
Had a crew member drop out, one last minute offer for an open seat, bottom fishing near shore Depoe Bay, tomorrow morning. Will arrive Depoe Bay 0800. Plan on running out and dropping crab trap then find a reef with spring ling cod and bass. 1st to PM will get the seat. Gratuities excepted but not necessary. 20' NW Jet. If I don't get a commitment within an hour the offer is of the table. I will supply the gear.
Bass Ackwards
Man, I wish I had tomorrow off!!!!! That's One hell of an offer. GOOD LUCK
Am I too late? Ill be there at 700
Fish Fight
A weather window opened up today, the last day of winter. We put in at Depoe Bay at 08:00 and headed out the hole. The seas were calming down from a month of gail force winds and huge seas. When we arrived there was a small craft advisory. Restricted for 16' and below. No problem for my 20' jet boat. 5ft swells at 10 sec with 2 ft wind chop, much better as the day moved on. Near shore it was even nicer. We ran north and dropped crab traps and then started looking for a reef to fish over. We found a reef and the ling cods were answering. One then another, we started to throw back the just barely legal for some quality. After we limited out the bass decided to show. We had pearl white curly tail grubs on 4 oz lead heads with a couple of shrimp flies tied above for the rig. The bass were dialed in on the shrimp flies.

On the way back to Depoe bay we pulled the crab traps. 7 Keeper dungeonous crabs, mmmmmmmm. Hard shelled and full of meat. So we ended the most beautiful last day of winter with crab, ling cod, bass and cabazon and now that we are home, brewskies. Life don't get any better.
B e a u tiful!!!!!

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