I mainly fish 3 jettys. Barview (Tillimook bay near garibaldi), Nehalem, and Newport south jetty. Both are great options I personally like Barview a little better mainly because its closer. Here are the pros and cons of both that I've gathered in my experience.

Barview Pros:
-TONS of fish there, I usually always catch my limit there for rock bass average for the keepers are usually about 2-3lb fish. Great for Lings too. I catch a lot of keeper lings off that jetty when they come into the bay areas around the april-july timeframe.
-Its close! at only about a hour and a half or so drive from portland its an easy day trip. Its also very close to garibaldi which isnt the most touristy beach town and more of a fishing town so the hotels are usually a little cheaper option if you want to make a weekend trip and its a short 5min drive from the jetty.

Barview cons:
- Heavily pressured, A lot of people fish this jetty especially during the nice days during the early summer when the keeper lings are there along with the bass. When I fish the jetty this time of year I'm usually getting there really early or at odd hours to get some of my favorite areas on the jetty. Even at that it can be hard to fish because people will crowd in especially if they see you catching fish. This can be annoying if they don't know how to deal with the current from the incoming and outgoing tides which is rather common. I see alot of googans out on the jetty during the summer times. <-- this can also be a pro if you enjoy teaching people that are brave enough to ask you how to fish which I do.
- Tons of dinks. Some days are better than others but I usually catch a majority very small fish. I usually catch around 50-75 smalls before I get the limit of some solid keepers.

Newport Pros:
- Its a bigger jetty so it doesn't appear as heavily pressured. I've never run into issues with not having enough space on the jetty for me to comfortably fish.
- I tend to find bigger fish here. Where the average fish size for bass I get on barview is usually about 6-8 inches, The average size of fish I get at Newport is about a pound with the keepers usually being around 4-5 pounds.

Newport Cons:
-The fishing is a little slower. Although I catch bigger fish here I tend to catch a lot less fish per hour than barview.
-Its much further away. Since its and over 2 hour drive from portland its either a very long day trip or a good location to spend a weekend.

Nehalem Pros:
-Great jetty for crabbing and perch. Since its much smaller and much steeper I tend to find it much easier to crab off of with snares and hawks because I lose alot less gear. If you like going for the striped perch I always find tons of really nice sized ones on this jetty.
- Its close. Its only about an extra 10 minute drive from barview

Nehalem Cons:
- Its very small so if there are a few people fishing off of it or if there are boats trolling for salmon in the mouth it can be hard to fish.
- No bass or lings :(. I know there are some bass there because I've caught 1 there but out of years fishing that jetty that is the only 1 I've caught there and it was tiny.

Hopefully this helps you decide which jetty you want to fish. Only reminder I will say is always be aware out there I usually don't fish if the surf is higher than 4-5ft swells. Also a fish is not worth your life. Its easy to get knocked off a wet rock by a wave when trying to go down to land a big fish you cant swing. And as always have fun and catch some big ones!
dcarbonari wow! thank you so much. Just saw this now. Now I really want to go to Barview. Last time I went the swells were so big that I had to stand at the very top of the jetty, 20 yards from the water. Fishing was unsuccessful and I did not catch anything(swells too big) How big do you think the swells have to be to deter one from going? I want to go tomorrow for a couple hours. What should I use if i do go?

Thanks for the helpful response!
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