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Jan 23, 2010
It has came to my attention that i was mis-quoted in an article in today's mail tribune......I wanted to make sure that i pointed out what was wrong and clear up any misconceptions..... :rolleyes:

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Mail Tribune

Lost Creek Lake's once celebrated largemouth bass fishery is starting to bounce back in small increments thanks to help from a local bass club and the bountiful offerings of Hyatt Lake.

As part of a program aimed at giving warmwater anglers an alternative to smallmouth bass at Jackson County's largest reservoir, Lost Creek Lake received an infusion Saturday of 420 largemouth caught in Hyatt Lake by members of the Black Bass Action Committee.

Anglers say the Lost Creek largemouth are holding on and growing amid the smallmouth that have out-competed them for food and space since they were illegally introduced decades ago.

"The transfers are working out pretty well," says David Haight, an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist who oversaw the transfer of largemouth from Hyatt, which is overrun with small largemouth, into Lost Creek Lake. Urban ponds in the Willamette Valley and Bend areas also got some of the Hyatt bucketmouths.

"We're definitely seeing improvement in the largemouth fisheries where we're moving them," Haight says. "That part is definitely a positive."

But positive is relative.

Bass angler Colby Pearson says the smaller Hyatt bass stocked in recent years are now about 12 inches long and weigh about 2 pounds * This is completely ridiculous! i stated the average bass are RANGING 12"-2LBS!.... He says they're catchable casting senkos or crankbaits near submerged brush or the rows of recycled Christmas trees sunk in the lake annually for largemouth habitat.

"The largemouth sometimes show themselves to a lucky smallmouth angler, but the best bets would be senkos around brush," Pearson says.

Luck, or the lack of it, has been a recurring theme for Lost Creek Lake largemouth anglers ever since the 3,430-acre reservoir was carved out of the forest in the mid-1970s.

The clearcut basin carved into bedrock is more conducive to rock-friendly smallmouth bass than largemouth, which prefer vegetative cover.

Still, the original stocking of rainbow trout and largemouth bass proved effective, as largemouth feasted on fingerling rainbows and grew to become the largest largemouth in Oregon.

Lost Creek Lake had its coming-out party in 1988 when Joe Pool of Central Point caught an 11-pound largemouth which, at the time, set an Oregon record that since has been broken.

But the lake already had tasted its fate by then.

Sometime in the mid 1980s, someone illegally released smallmouth bass in the reservoir, where they felt at home among the rocks and didn't struggle with fluctuating summer water levels as much as largemouth do.

By the mid-1990s, smallmouth bass were everywhere and only a few big largemouth remained. Smallmouth were feasting on juvenile largemouth, and by 1997 the fishery was all but gone, another casualty of renegade fish-stocking.

Since then, groups like The Black Bass Action Committee have helped ODFW biologists catch bass in other lakes and release them into the reservoir. They also are planting willows and sinking discarded Christmas trees by the thousands each winter to create more largemouth habitat in the moonscape lake bed.

But too many smallmouth, too few largemouth and far too few Christmas trees leave largemouth in the lurch.

Pearson says the Hyatt Lake largemouth, as well as bigger ones transferred from Davis Lake, create a small fishery that's not likely to get much better. -Also far from what i meant lost creek can get better! it has problems that need dealing with, i sound like a total downer, lost creek has a good future it just has some real problems going on.....

With no fingerling trout stocked there now, the bass have little to eat, Pearson says.

And it's only going to get worse.- dont know who predicted that, i said it has problems not a terminal illness :confused:

Someone illegally released spotted bass into the lake recently, adding another competitor for largemouth.


Now the author is a great guy but this really bugs me, credibility is hard earned and one of my highest valued qualities for any angler, when it is posted in public that "I" think a 12"er goes 2lbs that will really leave a bad image of me in some readers mind's, i had to post to clear things up......... Looks like its time to go start rebuilding my credibility...........

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Jun 3, 2010
southern Oregon
Don't take it to heart Colby these jounalist hear only what they want to & print what they think they know. Point in case just look at the main street media & what they print to sell papers.

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Dec 30, 2010
Umpqua Valley
Hey dude dont worry about it. Most legitimate anglers (bass) already know the problems Lost Creek has and agree with you. Everyone on here knows you know your stuff and would defend it any wear. The media is a double edged sword, pretty much the entire time and at least for myself is taken with a grain of salt.

Personally I would rather see Lost Creek managed for the smallmouth. They arent going to leave and the largemouth fishery is gone. Smallmouth are more aggressive, spawn earlier, and deeper. They will not quit fluctuating the water level due to the Rogue and the Chinook, which is a specie that needs a whole heck of a lot more help then largemouth. I would much rather see a great smallmouth fisheries at this point they are fun as hell and a larger average size would bring a great deal of anglers in still. Look at the main Umpqua, people come from all over to catch smallmouth there and Lost Creek has potential for a bigger average fish then the river. idk just my 2 cents not trying to hijack your thread.


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Jan 23, 2011
It wouldnt be the first time a guy miss judged the size of something lol... Anyway it will all work out, You have a bright future ahead of you

Mad dog

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May 21, 2009
Roseburg, Oregon
Fun huh??? :rolleyes:

It's hard being the pimp daddy!!! If you want to fish for a living, pro-staff for product, or even start your own product line....which is highly advisable IMO, way more money there than fishing for money or will be subject to this kind of crap continuosly! Wait until you film a TV show or video!!! There'll be all kinds of stuff coming out of your mouth that you never said!!! Some bad editing on some of those shows! :rolleyes:

I wouldn't worry too much about what some hack mail tribune reporter says!

Saw your pic on some book the other day holding that big Hyatt bass! :clap:


Jan 7, 2010
Willy Valley, Oregon
And remember that the "cream of the crop" news reporters generally don't work at small town papers. Or if they are bright, it's a launching pad for their careers. But, at that stage they are still newbies and haven't quite learned how to be truly skilled reporters yet.


Feb 12, 2009
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you must not watch much TNN outdoors or the outdoor channel... everyone sounds like a bonehead on there, I bet most folks didn't even notice the impossible weight = length ratio, ive seen lefty kreh, bill H, Buzz Ramsey and videos of Joan Wulff all saying contradicting ridiculous comments... so im sure your credibility will survive.


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May 3, 2009
Oregon City
Colby...have you ever read the book The River Why? It's about a guy who finds himself through fishing and it's a great read. Anyhoot, there is a part in the book where Gus, the main character, does an interview with a fishing journalist who basically writes crap similar to what you discribe. He feeds the journalist a line of BS and when he publishes the article, it made him sound like and idiot with homosexual tendencies. It was a hilarious section of the book and makes you wish you could get the same kind of opportunity.

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