Is this a snagging rig?


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What the heck? This was found embedded into the rump, of a mallard. Which was taken into the good folks at, the Chintimini Wildlife Center in Corvallis. They were able to remove the hook(s). And the duck is recovering.

Snagging hook.jpg

My question: was this used to snag Salmon? Or for some other similarly nefarious purpose?

Big Nigiri

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We used to use those in NY for snagging salmon during the Lake Ontario run. It was perfectly legal 25 years ago, not so much now. Years later I would use those hooks as my "bird dog". I didn't have a bird dog, so I would take a fishing pole with me while duck hunting. Shoot a duck that was a little too far out, cast and snag for a "soft mouth" retrieve. LOL. They use grappling hook sized snag hooks to snag paddle fish in the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers of Montana for a catch and release fishery, it's wild!!!