I'm a bad fisherman and need some help.

Apparently I'm just a horrible fisherman:(. I moved to Oregon a couple of years ago, and will live hear the rest of my life without a doubt. I live in Albany and hit the S Santiam pretty hard in June and July. I guess I hit the end of the run for the springers. talked to locals in waterloo and set me straight on gear. They all use cork and yarn and they catch them all right. I grew up back east near Boston and there is nothing in those rivers close the size of the chinooks I saw these guys pulling out. Holly crap, I don't think I've even seen fish this big never mind catching one. so when I saw them pull out a 15lb er I was jaw dropped hooked. later that night a 30+ lb er and just about blew my ….. I fished the N and S for a couple of months, hooked a couple but have yet to land one. Any way I'm heading up to The Mt. Hebo area this weekend to put up a deer stand and thought I'd check out these fall chinooks. I've read that a good place to bank fish the Siletz is right off the 101. I hate be the little tag along brother that wants every body s secret spot but I just want 1 honestly just 1, I've been a good boy this year. This site has been great to me in the past so thought I'd ask. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.:confused:
Take Hgy 22 west out of Salem to Lincolin City. Go south on 101 from L City about 4 miles (?) to Kernsville. Theres a big bridge (101) that goes over the Siltez. Take a left, and there are several spots to pull off on that road. I guess from the bridge up about 3 miles to pull off at.

I troll there a lot for Salmon on the Siltez and I always see a few bank anglers along that streach of road. Best of luck this year,and remember......"Your going to get skunked, if you stay home !"
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It was a hard year for most people I have talked to on the Santaim. It was a very hard year for me. Im a newbie to the coastal rivers so Im not much help there. I dont know of secrets spots... just get on the water somewhere.
i understand where your coming from. It takes a long time to really learn a river. I want to catch fish so bad i always find myself asking where, what, and how. I have learned to just appreiate the time on the water even if nothing is caught. I have found youtube to have some great info on local river. Good luck with your next trip!
Don't learn from fishermen at Waterloo falls... trust me.. lol... I won't say anymore about that. Yes that is a way to catch them is drift fishing at the falls and yes I tried it out this year... I won't go there.

Ok it's Fall salmon season.. an all around great set up is a 1.5oz slider float(West Coast) on 65lb braid. 20-40lb leader.. 2/0-5/0 hooks with a bait loop.(look up how to tie on youtube)... buy some GOOD eggs and sandshrimp.
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