I just had a crazy idea...Can I do this??

I'm going t go crabbing tomorrow off of the south beach pier in Newport and i wanted to target some fish while I was out there too. And then I had the crazy thought that maybe I could fish for sturgeon if i casted way out off of the end of the pier???

Does anyone think this could work?
It could work,there are sturgeon in the bay.Last time I tried for em there, the pogies (sculpin) drove me insane pecking at the bait!
Not sure about the sturgen, but i would love to hear how u do crabin of the dock!!
Ended up not even trying for sturgeon... I know I would have not done any good. There was a huge tide swing yesterday, high 10.0 to low -1.0 and the bay was ebbing and flowing way too fast even for crabbing most of the time. Ended up getting 3 legal dungeness for my efforts. Not exactly a banner day! But the very low tide gave me the opportunity to get some gaper clams :D
Nice job!

Yea I was there Friday and the tides were insane! We lost our traps for about 3 hours and had to wait for low slack to find them. About 50lbs of seaweed on the ropes. Found an old lost trap that had over 100lbs of weeds built up on it. Had to pull it out with my boat. It stunk soooo bad we almost puked. But once we pressure washed it, we found it to be a really nice pot! Watch out for those low tides! I wasn't paying attention and we found ourselves sitting in 3in. of water! Had to walk the boat off the sand bar. Luckily I was in my little flat bottom jon boat!
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