I hope the weather man is lying again

Some real heavy rain between now and thursday would be sweet.

They're actually giving me a day off from the workplace on thursday and I plan on hitting up lake creek or the siuslaw, or perhaps both? But it hasn't rained since lord knows when, and isn't supposed to rain until saturday supposedly.

I'm burnt out on this low clear water, it's conspiring against my desires to put some fresh steelhead fillets on the grill. (or at least that's the excuse I'm gonna use for sucking at the whole catching thing)

I actually haven't fished more than twice this year when it's been raining...what's up with that? I was raised with the idea that winter fishing is supposed to be a wet miserable experience, making it that much sweeter and more rewarding when you get one for the tag.

This year is weird.
i was going to bug my uncle ( he lives near florence )...so that we can hit siuslaw on his boat..but your reporting seems like there isn't that much going on there either...o well ...:rolleyes:...rain:pray::pray:
Surprisingly, while it's been slow over there, I've had some success. I've hooked up 10 times since 02/01/09, only retained two fish, however. Landed 3 natives, let them go :( Have lost the rest because I'm skilled like that.

Some rain would help pick things up.

If you have access to a boat, go for it. If I did I'd be all over it.
the weatherman usually lies bout 80% of the time...............................:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:....................:rolleyes:
No rain the forcast till perhaps early next week. Up here we are sweltering in sunny 60 degree spring like conditions.

Perfect for yard work..... Sorry I didn't mean to use profanity.
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