I have found heaven, the upper Abiqua

Had the entire stretch I explored to myself. I covered probably 2.5 miles of the creek. This is an amazing little watershed. Tons of fish, beautiful scenery and no people.

I was testing out my first attempt at making spinners and all 5 that I tried out caught fish. I caught roughly 30 trout in the 6-10" range in about 3 hours. Lots from holes but I got most of the larger fish in water that was mid calf deep. Loads of fun!

First off the two photos I took of fish. This was about the average size. Pretty good for the size of the creek. I was more concerned with releasing them all un-harmed instead of taking photos.


I couldn't go any farther downstream than this water fall, which was right by where I hit the creek at.

I did manage to scale this little falls upstream a bit. Lots of trout in this pool.

Few nice trout in this pool too.

Most fish came out of this pool than any other. I think I got 9-10 fish. Most pools you only get 1-2 before the fish get spooked or you fished it out.

Sorry the photos aren't the best, I just brought the POS, I mean P & S camera and left the DSLR at home.

This creek is honestly one of the prettiest and most productive that I've ever fished. Added bonus is that there isn't easy access so the trash stay out.
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nice pics, looks like a real gem
That reminds me of my favorite trout stream, Deer Creek in Sheridan. Tiny stream, full of fish, but all private property. Lucky for me I grew up there and they all know me or my dad, so I can fish it.
nice place where is that close by?
civicfun said:
nice place where is that close by?

You think he'll tell us? I'm not so sure because next time he heads out there he won't get that nice, tranquil feeling because we'll all be there too! LOL!
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It's the upper Abiqua. It took me three tries to find it. You can explore too! If you can find Abiqua falls...then head upstream.
Throbbit _Shane
nice pictures. looks like a real gem !!
Throbbit _Shane said:
nice pictures. looks like a real gem !!

Hey thats my one liner
that's 2 lines, btw :D

but that stream is just gorgeous... and catching trooties on self-tied spinners to boot. heaven, indeed...
Nice pics.....we just drove past that the other day....will have to give it a try
What a great find! Good for you,enjoy.
lilsalmon said:
Nice pics.....we just drove past that the other day....will have to give it a try

If you drove "past" it you were probably ~10 miles downstream from where I was. Down there is nice but a lot of it is private property and the creek is right on the road so lots of people leave trash and beer cans down there.
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