Hyatt Lake 10-27th and 29th

Throbbit _Shane
I guess i should of posted these reports before the 31st when Hyatt Lake closed to fishing. The 27th was a really cold day, but i kept 3 nice trout and released another big one on accident also released a little LM bass. I got blown off of the lake around 5pm, i had waves going over my toons and i was getting a little wet. When i started rowing back to shore the snow started coming down sideways.

The 29th the weather was much nicer. I caught 2 nice rainbows and another LM bass on a panther martin

Nice fish and nice pic of the sunset.
Nice pics man! always fun to fish in the snow!
Finneus Polebender
Hope ya had some neoprene beautiful shots anf fishes dude!
Throbbit _Shane
Thanks guys! you bet i have waders!! and a anchor :D
Great fish man!!
Great fish and awesome pics!!
i really like those pics awesome job!!!
Way to hit it TS!
great pics. I am supprised that you caught some bass in that weather.
Throbbit _Shane
I was suprised too. But then again its Hyatt Lake, and the place is infested with tons of stunted size LM bass. I should of kept them, but it doesn't matter when early in the year they relocate thousands of these fish to lakes in the area, Lost Creek and Applegate.
You done good Bro,
Great Job & pics.
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