Hows Eagle??

Hows Eagle Creek, Are there any nice fish up there or are they all getting dark?
i was there saturday and didn't see a single fish besides water too low!! but i dont after sunday rain!!
Theres a Ton of fish in there. a lot of dark some nice.
There were a decent around yesterday but you gotta get around all the guys fishin, and I only got one lil buck outta the 8 I landed worth keeping
Coho Kid
There were a lot up high on Sunday, but even the ones down low I saw pulled out were not worth keeping. I won't be making another trip back there to weed through the sore heads.
Troutier Bassier
Saturday morning at bonnie lure. I saw a few fresh fish push through with the rain but didn't catch much.
I was just there, bonnie lure was dead, as were a few holes up that the end of the run ?
you have to go higher up but they are starting to get dark!!! with another rain we should get a late run!!
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