help me plan a trip

So some buddies of mine and i are looking to get out for a few days during our spring break. We are trying to find a place that we can hike into and spend a few nights. so we were thinking of somewhere on Mt. hood but looks like it will be to cold. (avg. low 40's) so i thought that i would ask here and see if anyone had any places that they could lead us too. it will be at the end of march. so if you can please help us i we would be so thankful.

also if you dont want everyone else to know, you can PM me and i will keep it a secret.
Without being willing to brave the low 40's on Mt Hood there's not really gonna be much you can hike into that's close to the Portland area. Unless someone else has a secret spot that's not in the mountains. I guess there's Aaron Mercer near McMinville but not sure if you can camp there as it's owned by the timber company. Unfortunately most streams near Portland are closed to trout until later this spring. Personally I would probably recommend Harriet Lake but it's in the mountains and it's not hike in and probably fills up for Spring Break so if you wanted to go there you should probably make reservations at the campgrounds sometime soon.
There are several small lakes on the north side of Mt. Hood and I know two of them are hike-in. As I recall, you reach them via roads from the Hood River area (an hour to Hood River and then another 30 minutes on the gravel roads). Bloody cold this time of year, so you won't catch me spending a night out there!
I know the lakes around that area really well... most high lakes will still be snowed in at that time.. I would look at maybe harriet or detroit... there are a lot of hike in lakes it the upper clackamas watershed that i can give you details about but I would check on the roads first unless you have a good 4 wheel drive rig and a winch as well a chainsaw to cut down trees across the road(they dont clear the roads til june).. if you are up for adventure let me know and I will list off some good lakes that will take some effort to get to in march/april
thanks guys there is just so many options i am having a hard time deciding
Short sand beach, is fun, you can combine that with a few day hikes.
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