Has anyone fished at Commonwealth Lake in Beaverton?

Hows the fishing there?
Well, the fishing is pretty good in there ........ once it gets stocked by OR DFW, usually around March time frame. Other than that, there are some bass in there on the far side next to the overlying tree branches ... kind of hard to get to .... and there are some carp in it. I think that there is one huge white koi in it too....... the koi is kind of the community "pet" in a way. People get kind of upset if it is caught.

It gets pretty packed during the spring months. Great place to take the kids though because of the jungle gyms. :)

to add on to spydeyrch there are also a really big aabundance of bullhead cats in there. cast out about 15 to 20 feet. setup should be bobber and worms. 2 to 3 feet liter under bobber. the biggest cat i got out of there so far was about 12 inches. plus for the bass small soft plastic grubs work well to. and for the carp. i would suggest a dough ball on a size 4 hook. hope this helps at all.
thanks. I think I will go there tomorrow.
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