Haldeman Pond Fishing Reports

Picked up the wife after work and headed to Haldeman Pond this evening. First time out there, heck, first time for us to fish in nearly 15 years (except an evening with blue gill in her grandparents pond).

Had heard the place can get crowded and there were about 7 or 8 people out there when we landed. After several people left around 6, they were replaced by a guy on pontoons (thought they weren't legal there for some reason). All in all with so few people there we had plenty of room to fish.

With all the weed in the water, i put the lures back in the box and went with a 24+" leader and yeller pow'bait. With that setup we were hitting them all night. After we both landed a pair of 11"ers at the same time we decided to call it a night.

"Rookie" mistake means I ended up killing a lil 9"er trying to remove the hook. Man its been a long time. Too small for us of course, but fortunately I have a pair of pet garter snakes here at home that loved it.

I hear there's other fish there (bullheads, blue gills and bass) but none that I saw. I did float a couple mealworms every once in a while but to no avail...


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Whereabouts is Haldeman Pond? I was reading something online today about it being a place to catch trout, crappies, bass, and walleye.
Haldeman Pond

Its on Sauvie Island - take the Sauvie Is. Bridge, stop at the bait shop there and get your day pass for $3.... Take a left out of their parking lot onto Sauvie Island Road. Turn Right onto Reeder Road (road kinda does this for you, its 2 miles after the bridge). Take a left on to Oak Island Road. This will sneak up on you a bit. Reeder Road turns to the left and then a right after the school. Oak Island will pop up on your left hand side just as Reeder Road turns to the right... Take Oak Island Road out until you cross the gate and hit gravel roads. You'll pass a pond on your right and the road will kinda fork, stay to the right and go around that first pond and Haldeman will be on the left. There were likely be plenty of cars there, so it'll be hard to miss.

There is a lot of stock trout in the pond, I'd imaging the other fish are going to have a hard time...


Thanks Nothing. You sure are something for being a Nothing. :dance: Such precise directions. Wow!

While we're at it, do you know anything about fishing Sturgeon Lake?

Mainly trying to find the crappies that I've heard people say can be found on Sauvie Island.
Went to Haldeman Pond on both saturday and today's morning. Morning bites were crazy. 2-3 hits every cast but no one seemed to be able to hook them. As the morning ended the bite died off. We managed to fill up our freezer with 40+ stockers :D . Call us greedy, we have a bigggg family >:D Had a good time.Biggest was 15 3/4 inches long. No racial but the asians were catching most of the fish o.o!! secret bait(;
Oh Yeah! Saw a huge carp jump!Never knew that this pond had carp. In a few years this small pond will be over populated with carp. Not a bad thing but theres a gazillion carps in the multnomah channel already! Im guessing someone planted carp there.


Just wondering...were you there fishing with 7 of your family members also fishing? If not, you caught more than the legal daily bag limit.
Yea those 40+ fishes came from 2 days worth of fishing. 25 fishes with 5 people on saturday and around 20 fishes today with 5 people again.


I was looking at the stocking schedule, and realized that the 2-acre Haldeman Pond has been stocked with 1,500 fish this week and will be stocked with 4,000 fish next week. Seems a bit much? Anyways, I'm heading there next Friday and will tell you guys how it went...Anyone know why they stock it with so many trout?


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Seems like a lot, but that little swamp gets fished pretty heavily.

A small raft might help, but there's bank access on both sides, IIRC.

Get them now, since that thing gets to about 100 degrees come summer.


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It gets stocked pretty heavily every year. If you just look from the size vs amount of fish perspective it is the best stocked ponds in North Willamette area. They only stock it 2-3 times though, typically end of April, because it gets really hot. Not sure about the rafts, since its pretty small and you may get bombarded by people fishing from banks :). Lots of people go there, good for families. I always get my limit when I get there.


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My bad -- I was confusing Haldeman with Dorman.

Same concept, leave your raft at home.

Haven't fished there in many years, but always caught a ton after a stocking. They charge too much dough to park on Sauvies, though.


Went to Haldeman from 8:30 to 2 PM today. About 10 fish were caught before 12:30, but then...The stocking truck arrived :peace:. They dumped a ton of fish in, and then the pond was completely filled with action. I caught 7 fish on the same Panther-Martin in about 30 minutes, all from 8-12". Hooked a big one, got away though, missed countless and got even more hits. Saw a bluegill get caught. Good fishing pond, but is fairly heavily fished and best to come right after they are stocked. (In my case, precisely when they are stocked). Was an interesting and fun fishing outing.
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