Hagg Lake is a good place to practice fly fishing for beginners

FYI fly fishers, the past few weeks I've been tossing some flies out for fun at Hagg Lake (with great success) during those rare moments when the bass fishing is slow. I thought I'd mention it on here in case some beginner (or just otherwise bored) fly fishers were looking for a place to hone their skills, practice their casting etc..

Basically a bluegill (and sometimes even bass) will bite on literally every toss, so it's really exciting. The bluegill range in size, some tiny, some fat ones over 7". Basically anything that's dark and rides the surface well (foam flies make it easy) will make them go crazy. Don't see anybody else out there fly fishing but man what a great way to practice, or just have a fun morning of fishing. PM if you want specific advice on where at Hagg to go, or how to fish the flies. The bluegill, perch, small bass etc are schooling and feeding on the surface from sunrise to about 10 or 11 AM these days, so look for the surface action! And of course, there are some big ol bass always lurking around those schools too, hint hint...
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Thanks for the information bubs.
Thanks for the update. Sapo we better get out there.
@amnis yes sir.
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Yes; thank you. I've been thinking that, the fall turnover is about to transpire.
Thanks for sharing that information!
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