Got some fishing in


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Made it out fishing the last couple of weekends. Hit the Umpqua with killigan last Sunday, got up early and busted out
the toons for some smallies. Caught plenty of fish, only a few larger ones but nothing huge. Brandon got into some bigger fish lower down, I had a blast sight fishing with some bugs I tied up for the fly rod. Got my first double, reeled in 2 fish on my crawdad jig which has 2 treble hooks so it wasn't surprising. These guys are aggressive and a lot of times when one is hooked others chase it to see what it has in its mouth.
Just got back earlier today from a great stay on the McKenzie with my​ wife at a cabin near Rainbow I stained earlier this summer and they were kind enough to let us use it again. Had an amazing time among the old growth forest, did a descent amount of c&r bank fishing while hiking the river for a mile or 2. Found lots of little holes and some great fishing water but certainly had to search it out. Caught quite a few wild cutties and rainbows on nymphs and dry flies, and also tossed a spoon here and there. I landed 2 beautiful redsides that had amazing fight in them, got a picture of one. Picture doesn't really do this fatty justice, but it was a quick snap and release. Great time! Was good to get out, been workin too damn much!




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Was great wetting the line a bit! Bummed we didn't get to do the OFF gathering this summer, i'm down for a fall gathering :thumb:


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A few smallmouth form our Umpqua trip hobster. Mag-lip 2.0 craw-fish pattern was my best lure that day. Rapala craw-fish was the second best lure that day for me. Fun fish to catch!



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Work Work Work-

Got a drifter now though. Fall nooks around the corner. You'll have to drive up my way for a day.


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troutmasta;n613683 said:
Work Work Work-

Got a drifter now though. Fall nooks around the corner. You'll have to drive up my way for a day.

Sounds excellent, i'd love that! Roger, killigan and I also got a db, you'll have to come down for some winter steelhead fishing. Glad you are keeping busy with work, slammed here as well.
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