Got my first sturgeon!

Hit a well known honey hole yesterday for a bit during the boy's weekly school visit, and was rewarded with this beast (beast by my standards, remember I am a reforming LMB and catfish guy, who previously resided in a So Cal wasteland void of the wonders the PNW holds). It battled just long enough to enjoy, without getting bored or exhausted, making a few drag pulling runs, and fortunately avoided the snags. Definitely an experience I will not soon forget, and will hopefully be repeatable, however I doubt there will be any more out of the water experiences, unless I have at least one deck hand with me to assist with the handling. These hings are crazy!

For those of you who may be concerned, it is less than 54" in length. I removed the hook, snapped 2 quick photos, and then safely released back into the water, and it took off like a rocket.
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Awesome catch man!
Nice! Thanks for posting. And welcome to, the PNW!
Awesome! I have yet to fish for sturgeon, on my bucket list for sure. That's a beautiful first :thumb:
Nice scutes yo
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