Good places to crayfish?

Can anyone recommend me good places to crayfish around the Portland/Gresham area? I have tried the Columbia River once, Sandy River twice, and even the Clackamas River once which were all disappointments (1 to 4 crawdads per trip). I use traps and net them from the shoreline as well. Maybe creeks or lakes would be more productive? Let me know. Input appreciated.... Thanks.
There is a season I think, look it up

Timothy Lake is full of them, 20-30 feet, better at night.

Lake billy Chinook is a safe bet, more like 35 feet there. I have had traps full to the brim there.

I have heard Ollallie, Lost and Promitory lakes can be good, I have never fished them.

Diamond lake used to be good also.

I wouldn't eat any from the Columbia, lower Clack, Tualitin or Willamette rivers.


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There is no season. It's open, all year.

I saw a couple of professional trappers, at Lake Billy, back in late June/early July.

X 2, on BB's comments about eating them from the Big C (and especially the Willy). I've NEVER wanted to eat any, from those stream. Nor eat any fish either. WAY too many toxic pollutants!

Try some of the coastal streams; if you can. The water is MUCH cleaner.


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It's my understanding from comments on here last year that crawfish didn't absorb the toxins. I believe they use crawfish from the willy for the Tualatin crawfish festival.