Good day at Sellwood

Went to sellwood area this morning with a few friends we started about light, I landed a 39 inch one about 30 min into the day nice fresh fish but let him go to fight again sometime sorry no pic wanted to get him back into the water. Also we got some shakers as normal and a guy 2 rods over landed himself a 44 1/2 and bonked it. The bite seems to be best the last few times we have been out during incoming tide till it peaks on the drop the bite seems to get slower , we were running about 80+ feet deep today, using deli squid, and seen some nice ones jumping all over the river..Good luck ..
Troutier Bassier
Do you think I could go to sellwood on the west bank where the rocks are. Would I have a chance of catching a sturgeon there?

Nice job on the fish btw. :clap:
Good day on the water!
I have the best luck right across from the golf course its like one of the last turn offs on the left as if you were going to lake O from sellwood, but I have caught 90% of my keeper fish from sellwood bridge to where the milwaukee boat ramp is, that whole stretch of river holds fish...I fill my tag every year in that part of the river from boat and bank..If you try the deep holes and dont have any luck hit the shallows I get a lot of fish out of 25-30 foot of water or less when the deep holes are not fishing good or are full of people. And the guy today that got the 44 1/2 was not casting far into the river at all and got his so dont think you have to hit mid river to get fish ...Good luck
Right on man! You fishin' there next weekend?
I too was out there in the afternoon by the marina before the golf course and the boat next to us pulled in a 39and 1/2 we just caught shakers all day but still fun.
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