Good bank fishing spots on the Santiam

I was just curious if anyone knew of any good bank fishing spots on the Santiam, I have never fished for salmon here in Oregon and would love o get into some nice fish. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated thanks.
agreed! I'm totally new to the area and fishing from Salem and would love some of this info too!

Welcome to OFF!

But, yeah...which Santiam? There is the Main Stem, that flows into the Willy. Then there is is the North Fork. And, the Little North Fork and the South Fork of the Santiam system.

We need to know where you are going, to help suggest bank spots.
well, I;m in Salem so I was hoping to find places relatively close to home. So, I guess that means the north branch!
Yeah anywhere in the Salem area would be good to know thanks
It's my understanding that there are some showing up in the north Santiam,you just have to be willing to work fairly hard for them. Waders would be a great idea IF you practice safety and know where and when to wade. Drifting in a boat would be ideal,of course. Otherwise,head out highway 22 to the east and pick just about any of the parks along the way. There is access in Stayton (take the exit and when you are nearly out of town,across the bridge,there is a little area w/porta potty to the right) that isn't too bad and the bridge in Mill City. It takes time to become acquainted with ALL the possibilities! You can also check out the Buena Vista area and then there is the rest area just south of Salem on I-5. I caught my one and only steel right there under the bridge with a jig under a bobber drifting toward the riffles. Be sure to take safety seriously,this is the time of year when it's heartbreakingly dangerous. We have lost way too many fisher folk already.
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If you're trying to stay local, there are a ton of places within about a half hour or so. I would say to stick with the North Fork and the Little North Fork. There are a ton of state parks on the way up to Detroit. Almost every single one of those has some decent fishing water. Don't be affraid to hike up and down the bank for a bit until you get to the water that you like. I'll be posting spots for the North Fork here in a bit for the Fish For Life thread. If you need any other help, or some suggestions, feel free to PM me.
There is a great thread by Kodiak on Santiam access, do a search.
Yeah, i have actually bookmarked that thread on my computer and have emailed it to my brother already! I found it pretty soon after finding the forum last month and it's pretty great advice for someone like me who has no idea where to actually go around here!

Thanks Kodiak!


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