Going to the gorge this weekend

Im heading out to the gorge tommorow at 4 am. I wont be back until sunday but if my phone works enough I might send live action reports. Hopefully I will get that 5 pound smallie this time.


Got to my location at 7.30. Started fishing at 745. Wind was pretty bad but i found a few calm areas. Right off the bat I caught a couple cookie cutters. Then i got a nice 16 incher. Most fish were 12 to 14 so alot of nice fighters. Then i headed back to camp and ate some breakfast. Headed back out and caught a nice 3.75 poumder. A little to small for the trophy page but it fought like a steelhead. I got 20 bass so far and im just getting warmed up.
This afternoon and evening was pretty slow. Lots of dinks. I got about 20 more fish. I had to fish some dropoffs with a drop shot to get anything over a pound. I had a blast catching dinks on my ultralight though. So far the morning is alot better.
Saturday was pretty slow. Senkos were getting me squat. I met roger ie exbassguide and he gace me some tips and i started to catch some more fish. I ended up with 21 bass and nothing really big. Today i got 53 bass and some big ones. My biggest was 4.10 pounds. All one the senko. Once the storm settled down the bite was on. Fish were going nuts at sunset. I think the smallies are moving in to spawn soon. Water was 58.
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Great report and nice pics. A 4.1lb smallmouth is a great fish! You definitely have me fired up!


what part of the gorge where you at, I have fished around the mouth of the john day and killed it also around hood river area!!!I love fishing Smallies!!! Great post.
I fished from about 500 am to 9 am today. I got 17 mostly cookie cutters. The bite stopped when the wind started. I got 132 bass total mostly on senkos and cranks. Senkos were getting me the bigger fish especially watermelon and red. My arms are sore and i need a break. Im not going to reveal my exact location but i was above the dalles. Its a popular spot but people dont catch squat because they fish ot wrong. More bass for me. I cant wait for next year but i guess there still 5 months of bassin left.


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Fantastic trip and reports. Thanks for taking us along with you. I have not been able to get out in a bit over a month and it is killing me. Reports like yours are my life support - thanks for not pulling the plug :)


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You definitly had a great trip Catfishman. I met Roger while fishing at Hagg last summer and learned a couple of things from him.