Going fishing at Champoeg

I'm going fishing Saturday at Champoeg, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect what's there to be caught and what seems to work there?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

pdlucky- Welcome to OFF! I have fished the Willamette in Salem, but never from Champoeg...I expect other members will be able to give you advice on that particular stretch of river. I have seen everything caught in our part of the Willamette system from Steelhead to Smallmouth Bass. I have had good luck there using spinners, spoons, and bait under a bobber. Plunking also works well, but it depends on how much algae is in the water at the given time.

Good luck, and be sure to post an after-trip report on your success.
Thanks for the info! I will definitely let everyone know how it goes and hopefully I will have some pics of some sweet fish to post.
i have fished this area since moving to OR in 03 i have caught everything under the sun fron throw aways to some really nice salmon. Always from a boat so bank fishing I cannot help with. If you have any questions I would be happy to help as for boat fishing.
If you have ever stopped at the turn out parking lot between Wilsonville and Newberg, the Champoeg fishing dock is on the other side of the river and about 200yds east. Besides that I would try power bait or a night crawler on the bottom. I have heard there are trout there.
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