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Please join me to help Tony (Casting Call) and Debbie to recover from the Echo Mountain Complex Fire that destroyed their home. I met Tony when I knew nothing about fishing, he was my Mr. Miyagi of Steelheading. He also gave me my first ever Fly Rod that started my lifetime passion. Thank you.

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Holy crap! Tony if you can see this...I am truly so very sorry my friend. Words are not enough man. I hope that you and your missus can find the help that you need; to get back on your feet.


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Tony. Please send a PM on what rods and tackle, float tubes etc. you need to replace. I have a virtual tackle store at my house that I'm in the process of downsizing. I probably have 10k in terminal tackle and flies and the same in rods and reels and so on. I have been in cancer treatment the last few years, which motivates me more to reduce and simplify. Though I'm still fishing some, I have duplicate and quadruplicate of almost everything. I'm not getting out enough these days to put it all to use. My wife would be grateful for anything we can donate to fill your sporting needs that make more space for human habitation at our place. My condolences to you and your family.
Aervax thanks for the offers. Right now is not a good time for me to fish. Life has thrown me a hand full of problems. I will fish again when my life and house is in order. I will PM soon. Tony


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Tony is a good guy, enjoyed hanging with him at the good ol OFF gathering. Damn I'm so sorry bro, I wish you well. I’ll help out a bit
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