Galesville Res 3-14-22

Stopped by Galesville on the way back from Cali

I've heard it mentioned but never been, as with most places, it's incredibly low, the ramp is feet from being dry so your trailer drops into mud to launch, and it's not sloped enough to power a boat off the trailer. Definitely have to have 4wd for anything over 12'

We only fished for maybe 20 minutes, but we spent a lot of time playing with a Lowrance Active Target system, I have lots of experience with down imaging and side imaging, but this new forward facing stuff is incredible, cheating maybe, definitely going change the way everyone fishes. Need to remember to watch your line and not the screen.

We found a sunken boat and were able to look at it in a few different modes/views to try them out. In all cases it was sensitive enough to pick up the kite string bouy line we had dropped on it. Definitely sees fish, branches, rocks, you name it.
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