Ford's Pond Fishing Reports

Wow guess it's been that long since I visited? No idea.

I spent all day Saturday mapping, only made a dozen casts or so, did find some more hidden stumps.

Weeds are clearing up, water is 40 degrees and muddy.

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NKlamerus said:
Got up way late and only ended up fishing for 45 minutes before that wind picked up! Hit some nasty waves and decided to call it, really nice when I showed up and got worse but never grabbed a photo of the white caps.

Had one bite but that's it, weeds are dying off nicely, water clarity is at its worst, and the water is back up to normal levels.

This year they (the city? Through "friends of Ford's pond") plan on finishing the paved trail around the pond, putting bathrooms and a kids park up on the hill, with no plans to put any money into the pond itself.

Eventually plan to put in a boat ramp on the north parking lot, which will really be the last nail in the coffin for a quiet bass spot.

Not sure how many "nature walks" have a gravel and black asphalt 8' sidewalk, they have removed 90% of the brush around the trail and waters edge too.
I think they do that to attract more people other than just fishermen. Then if it goes well they will put in parking spots and charge you to park there. Next will come the campground and water skier's! The pay toilets will be free when you pay for parking!
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