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IM new to fly fishing and am just seeing if there's any classes or lessons on the basics of fly fishing in or around the salem area. Or if there any individuals who would take some time to show a noob how to cast.


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Youtube Lefty Kreh. Watch his videos. You will be casting in no time flat! Also pick up the Curtis Creek Manifesto it's a short almost comic like book on fly fishing that will get one on their way. It's written by Sheridan Anderson, doesn't cost much and teaches you how to fly fish. No need for lessons.


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Welcome to the world of the long rod.
For some of us it is a life long quest.

ways to get started:

YouTube of course.
Four other ways to consider.:

a friend or acquaintance to help you get started

Classes, Like the ones offered at Orvis in Tualitin, they are very good, Other fly shops also offer classes.

Fly casting lessons offered by experts one on one, They tend to be expensive, but are very intense learning.

Take a guided trip, any guide worth his salt should be able to get you going, and a few fish also.

Someone else probably said this before me but:
There is like nothing like a fish rising to a dry fly after a perfect cast, then a solid hook set. What a rush, pure magic, fighting a fish on a fly rod is one of life’s great pleasures. Not only will you hook your first fish, you, then will be then hooked for life.

I personally recommend taking a guided trip, tell the guide beforehand that you have never fly fished before and want to learn the sport. ANY good guide will be more then happy to get you started. You will learn more in an 8 hour trip then in years on your own.

good luck on your quest.

I would be willing to meet you at a casting pond and show you a couple of things. Be advised,BUT, my fly casting is a collection of bad habits and poor technique. Eventually you would have to relearn casting the proper way.



I took a day long class through a fly shop/guide that was "on-water" that went through entomology, fly selection, casting, mending, etc. I found out that casting is only a part of fly fishing. I'm thinking of going back for a refresher. If you can afford it, I'd really recommend taking lessons. My brother in law, who was a coach, always talked about the "tions" of teaching a skill. I can't remember all of them but they included observation, demonstration, participation and correction.


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Thanks for the replys, i have caught some fish on my fly set up but that was just luck haha, i watched alot of videos but theres nothing like real life learning, at least for me. Let me know bb if you would want to meet up, otherwise id proably check out a local fly shop for a lesson.


Welcome to the realm of the bug wand. But for the record you don't need a fly rod--to catch fish on a fly. I've caught hundreds with a spinning rod, torpedo bobber, and Woolly Buggers, Teeny Nymphs, etc. Just sayin'....