Florida for Christmas


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Those are hogs!

Even better they were caught on a popper!

don’t get to excited about the weather, it’s a refreshing 34 here right now. I’m gonna get a tan myself.


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Do any fly fishing? Right now has some great redfish fishing on the ocean side of things
I did for years, ladyfish (poor man's tarpon) and bluefish galore!

Check out jwhite850 and thafish on Instagram if you have one, they are both local and do a lot of fly fishing, thafish slams black drum and bull reds at night on the fly, fishing lit bridge pilings


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Night fishing was decent, of the 3 guys I fished over the 2 weeks the largest was 8lbs 8oz.....AFTER I flew back to Oregon! They keep me updated of course

Mine at night was 5lbs 3oz, cold front came through and messed them up a little

Lots of fish either already on beds or pairing up and getting ready down there 20191231_010223.jpg
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